Validating feelings

11 Apr

an emotional connection without having to wait around for it to happen spontaneously. Say a Husband and a Wife are discussing a joint financial plan.At the outset, the Wife may feel deep anxiety at her Husband’s proposal to buy a new car, and the Husband may feel frustration that he is meeting resistance from his Wife.It’s what we do with the passage of time that creates connection, insight, growth and healing, rather than the passage of time itself.And the best use of that time as emotional coaches to our children and teens is to accept and validate emotions while helping them to develop the coping and problem-solving skills needed to help them thrive across the developmental lifespan.) Solving a child’s problem may be a tempting quick fix solution but can disempower the child to work things out themselves.

While many of us will never have used this psychological definition in our daily vernacular, we all have feelings and beliefs about emotions, influenced largely from our family-of-origin upbringings.It is a succinct breakdown of important definitions and myths surrounding our social-emotional needs.Before you get started learning exactly For example, two friends sharing a laugh happens without much effort from either party – something like this is typically spontaneous because both friends end up feeling the same thing at the same time But while spontaneous emotional connections are wonderful, we don’t have a great deal of control over how often they happen.Did “seeing” the dress in a new way betray the original perception?Did it change the objective truth (that the dress was in fact blue and black)?