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03 Oct

It quickly became popular and is used by millions and millions of people.”Xiaoice is powered by artificial intelligence and can generate conversations and connect with users based on what’s happening in their lives.

It was removed by Apple after controversy surrounded its aggressive sexual chat, and the fact that it was available to users "four years old" and above.

Much like the Webkinz toys that are currently eating up parents' dollars in North America, Jewelpet blends real stuffed toys with a virtual pet game.

The dolls, sold by Hello Kitty maker Sanrio in partnership with Sega, come complete with their own serial numbers, which you use to access a newly launched virtual web community site called .

I tried out the free one and answered a number of questions about the kind of boyfriend I wanted to custom order. He laid on the cheesy pickup lines so hard I was laughing out loud. Invisible Boyfriend This service's tagline is: "Get what you deserve.

Make no mistake: Just because you customize your virtual boyfriend, it doesn't mean he's not a tool. Build a better boyfriend." The app also advertises the fact that your invisible boyfriend is available to talk anytime you want.