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26 Jul

She has to “live under the discipleship of my parents until marriage.” While she has completed higher education, it was only through an online, conservative Christian homeschool college program. Voddie Baucham wants you to hold an “all-day session” of spanking your toddlers to “wear them out.” From Baucham’s November 4, 2007 speech on corporal punishment: And, they desperately need to be spanked and they need to be spanked often, they do.

I meet people all the time ya’ know and they say, oh yeah, “There have only been maybe 4 or 5 times I’ve ever had to spank Junior.” “Really?

And instead they go find a substitute daughter….you’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it.

These old guys going and finding these substitute daughters.”“There is nothing wrong with arguing that a strong father/daughter relationship is important—if, that is, you’re also arguing that strong parent/child relationships in general are important.

I don't want to tell God what to do with my children—I want Him to tell me! Baucham Jr., “If you want to be a godly head of a family, you must ensure that there is Christian harmony among those under you, appropriate for a house where the leader fears God.

Reference: Family Driven Faith, Crossway Books, 2007, p.

Due to the controversy over the lack of indictment of Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, American Christians are having heated conversations about racism in the United States.

One of these conversations was provoked by an article written by Voddie Baucham for The Gospel Coalition.

This summit included calls for girls needing to have an entirely home-focused education, the need to defeat “feminism” in homeschooling, the concern that “the female sin of the internet” (framed as equal to “the male sin of pornography”) was blogging, and the necessity of men taking back their rightful place as head of their own households.

The summit also featured Doug Phillips declaring the entire child protection system should be dismantled.