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22 Jun

The land transport giant reported growth in bus and rail readership, taxi hired-out rates, vehicle inspections and driving school enrolment but the translation effect of the weaker currencies of the UK and Australia weighed down these positive factors.Q3 operating expenses rose 8.2 per cent to 3.6 million due mainly to increases in fuel and electricity costs, purchases of diesel for resale, provision of accident insurance claims, payment for credit and Nets card transactions, and diesel subsidies.“Our group remains fundamentally sound,” said Kua Hong Pak, Comfor Del Gro managing director and group CEO.“We have grown all our businesses in the first nine months of this year despite very challenging financial and economic conditions.” Turnover for the group’s bus business slipped 1.2 per cent to 6.8 million on the weaker pound.In Singapore, SBS Transit’s turnover grew 8.7 per cent on increases in bus ridership and rental income.But operating profit was 32 per cent lower from a year ago because of higher fuel costs.

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These were mitigated by lower vehicle leasing charges, lower repair and maintenance, and the writeback of pension provisions.

adapted from Land Transport Authority (LTA, Singapore) In the midst of high growing demand for taxi services, the Comfort Delgro Group revised its taxi fare structure to better match supply.

The new fare structure comprises of widening the peak hour surcharge from 6am to am in the morning in contrast with the usual 7am to am.

But revenue for the three months to Sept 30 rose 5.2 per cent to 1.5 million on organic growth in Singapore, China, Australia and Vietnam.

Q3’s earnings per share dropped 18.3 per cent to 2.32 cents from 3.04 cents.