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20 Jul

Then she briefly became engaged to heiress Casey Johnson, who then died of diabetes, and then in one of Tila’s last public appearances she was pelted with balloons filled with urine, feces, and rocks during “The Gathering of the Juggalos” in 2010.

In 2011, Vivid released a pornographic video starring Tila with two other women – something she said was not meant to happen, but who knows.

She had over 200,000 Twitter followers, but she’s no longer allowed on the platform, and other media attention has petered out. The Clone President.” In addition to believing in presidential clones, Tila also rails about the Illuminati, how she has received direct messages from God, and Reptilians.

And her strange appearance with Howard Stern looks positively down-to-earth when you compare it to some of the items she’s been publishing to her blog and Facebook Page. Basically every single one of her posts refers to a conspiracy or the idea that she has super-human abilities; sometimes she intersperses updates with slightly-less-insane horoscope-feel good-stuff, but everything she puts out seems based largely in her own imagination.

It feels a little dirty to write about Tila Tequila.

After enjoying a period of unprecedented Internet celebrity, she’s had a hard time.

And right now, just like she started, Nguyen is cast to the fringes of mainstream media, once again only allowed on certain social networks.And while the first reaction we should have to that is how sad that is, the other is that what the Internet makes, it can also break and sweep under the rug. She didn’t have a talent in the traditional sense, but then again, neither did Paris Hilton, who was becoming very famous for very little at the same time Tila joined My Space, in 2003.Social media has changed what it means to be a celebrity, and while that does help people court fame through grassroots networking, it also makes it hard for fragile celebrities to keep a healthy private life – and since Internet celebrity is a more fickle type of fame than traditional stardom, the mix of no filter and no safety net can make for a disastrous combination. Of course, Paris Hilton is an heiress who looked like a Barbie and grew up around flashbulbs and celebrities. Tila had to work a little harder and look for alternate routes to fame.She invited thousands of people to join the site, helping My Space make its mark just as she was making hers.And the structure of My Space helped her gain fans – since Nguyen was one of the most popular and oldest members of the network, she often automatically appeared in random people’s “Top Friends” during the early days of the site.