Who is actress regina hall dating

18 Jun

However, she will also appear in movie 2016's ' The Best Man Wedding' and 2017's film ' Girl Trip'.

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But later she started dating with another handsome guy, Damon Wayans, but it was also not also officially because she hasn't opened any relations status with him.

It’s just been reported that actress, Regina Hall, best known for her roles in “Think Like A Man,” “Think Like A Man Too,” and “The Best Man,” is dating a very popular rapper on the low.

Word on the Old School curb is that they’ve been dating for a YEAR and we don’t know how in the world they kept this hidden, but somehow they did…

Prior to their relationship blossoming, Common had toyed around with the idea of his 2014 album Nobody’s Smiling being his last full-length release.

But once he and Hall fell in love, he started recording songs including his latest single, Love Star, featured on his upcoming album ‘Something about this relationship has completed him.