Who is andy gibb dating

14 Aug

“(Love Is) Thicker Than Water” went to number one on the U. When “Shadow Dancing” claimed the number one spot it made him the first solo artist in the history of the U. pop charts to have his first three singles hit the number one spot. The best verse of the song is, "Do it light, taking me through the night . After giving birth to a daughter, Peta, on 1/25/1978, she divorced Andy three months later after a ten month marriage; she didn't want her daughter surrounded by drugs and alcohol.) In 1980 Kim took Peta to California to see her father, where, after a brief meeting, mother and daughter never saw Andy again.Andy was nominated for two Grammy Awards, one for Best New Artist of the Year and Best Pop Vocal for the hit single "I Just Want To Be Your Everything." Gibb always doubted his talent, but knew he was lucky.A later failed romance with actress Victoria Principal seemed to set him back on the road to drug and alcohol abuse he had fought so hard to conquer.Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle caused by a viral infection, ended the life of Andy Gibb on March 10, 1988.A close family relationship sheltered the guileless, sensitive, delicate boy.

He was an iconic teen idol in the same class as Donny Osmond.

Drugs and seeking single solitude in the mountains were first steps to depression and paranoia.

(When Kim became pregnant, she flew back to Australia on 7/11/1976.

He was the only performer ever to have his first three singles reach the top of the charts at No. Gibb was the son of Hugh, an ex-drummer and band leader and Barbara, a former big-band singer.

The family emigrated to Australia when Andy was six months old, then moved back to England in 1967 in response to rising popularity of his brothers' group, "The Bee Gees." The family then took up residence on the island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain in 1970 where brother Barry gave 12 year old Andy a guitar.