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14 Jul

The arrival of the Schengen Agreement in Europe did not only lead to the virtual disappearance of border checks and stops between states within the Schengen Area, but also to a greatly reinforced outer border.

The latter is a useful fact to keep in mind when watching the sprawling yet frequently intense thriller-drama ), which focuses on a gang of smugglers funneling Ukrainian contraband into the European Union in the fall of 2007, just before Slovakia joined the Schengen Area.

Russell Wilson is an open book when it comes to his faith and now his romantic life.

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As if that isn’t difficult enough, the conversation takes places just outside a trailer in which some of Adam’s henchmen are severely roughing up one of the smugglers involved in the meth deal.There’s a lot to juggle here, but Bebjak familiarizes the audience with the large cast very quickly and then starts to intertwine and connect their stories in ways that are fascinating.For the most part, the narrative moves along with the stately pace and irrefutable logic of unavoidable tragedy, but especially in the closing reels, the sheer quantity of characters starts to dilute the work’s focus.Directed by Slovak actor turned filmmaker Peter Bebjak, this is gorgeously filmed and powerfully acted mainstream entertainment that should do solid business in Central Europe and might tickle the fancy of distributors further afield as well, especially if it gets some awards love at Karlovy Vary, where it premiered.The burly and bearded Adam Krajnak (imposing theater actor Tomas Mastalir), who lives on the Slovak side of the Ukrainian-Slovak border, is the head of a small gang involved in transporting contraband cigarettes into the European Union.