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20 Oct

Audience members can't decide whether to love him or hate him. I have met him, but our director, Marc Bruni, and our writer, Douglas Mc Grath, made the decision that we weren't going to imitate these people because firstly, people don't know Gerry Goffin, Cynthia Weil [and] Barry Mann as people — they know their work.

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It's about a guy who tries to become a psychiatrist to his new high school class. He also starred in Crown Heights, in which a rabbi (played by Howie Mandel!

Tell me about making your Broadway debut in Spider-Man and flying over an audience. [Laughs.] I mean, there's just nothing funnier or crazier than that — doing your Broadway debut as Spider-Man in Spider-Man the musical.

It was like the last thing I could have ever possibly imagined happening.

Following on-the-road stints in Spring Awakening, where he starred as radical teen Melchior Gabor, and American Idiot, where he played alcohol and drug-addicted youth Will, Epstein landed his first Broadway gig in the high-flying musical Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark.

After a fair share of angst-ridden teens and comic-book nerds, Epstein takes on songwriting icon Gerry Goffin in Broadway's Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, where he journeys from Goffin's high-school days — and meeting collaborator Carole King — to riding the top of the Billboard charts and his breakup with King, the center of Broadway's Beautiful.