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05 Sep

Everyone’s accessibility to Photoshop has made it much harder to know what pictures on the Internet …This gallery of photos will have you saying just one thing: ‘those poor, poor mothers.’ For reasons known only to the Providr staff, we have collected and categorized a list of the world’s biggest babies, and let me tell you, it’s actually pretty interesting.Our list takes into account a …When you have a brother or a sister, you know that it’s a love-hate relationship. But at the end of the day, you know that your siblings always have your back no matter what.

She has always regarded Hefner as ‘family’ and even called him ‘her angel.’ Hefner was 91-years-old when he passed away September 27, 2017.

The footage shows 13-year-old Ally Wakefield being held down by her fellow East High School cheerleaders and her coach in a June training camp while she …It’s rare to feel judgment when grocery shopping in a supermarket, but that’s exactly what happened to one mother-of-four after she crossed paths with a group of vegan activists in the meat aisle.

Louise Kirby was doing her regular grocery shop with her children when a group of protesters made …Kenneka Jenkins is the 19-year-old woman who was found dead inside of the Chicago Plaza O’Hare Hotel’s walk-in freezer last month.

We are born as a blank slate, and through our experiences and those who raise us, this blank slate gets filled up.

Each individual draws on his or her own blank slate so that it becomes unique and subjective to each person. Would you consider yourself a wordsmith and a master of words?