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02 Mar

The lights had gone out before Alison had scared them by sneaking up on the other girls in the barn's doorway.They had laughed and joked about it and sipped the drink Alison brought them.Aria had woken up, followed by Hanna and Emily, to find Ali and Spencer missing.Spencer had returned to let the other girls know that Ali was missing and that she thinks she heard a scream.Wren is sensitive and concerned, whereas Melissa is smirking and glib. Later, Spencer spots Wren smoking and sarcastically calls him out for knowing better as a medical student.She also correctly guesses that Melissa is oblivious to her fiancée's smoking habit.Just then, a security guard follows Hanna out of the store, but to hand her her bag, which she forgot inside.Hanna smiles mock innocently, and her and Mona leave, scared, but relieved.

Maya is even persuasive enough to get Emily to try smoking weed for the first time.Then, Aria's fling with a cute, young college grad named Ezra goes awry when he shows up at her first day of class as Mr. Just then, she gets a text from "A" letting her know that know that "A" is aware of their illicit relationship.Aria dissipates the tension in the room by mumbling "sorry" for the beeping noise so that the lesson can begin.It's been a year since the disappearance of her best friend Alison Di Laurentis, and Aria has returned from her father's sabbatical in Iceland to a whole new dynamic in Rosewood.In her home, where Aria and her mother Ella unpack boxes, Aria discusses the oddness of being home at exactly the anniversary of Ali's death.